We guide our clients on identifying the 8 types of waste that is hidden within their operational processes.

Coaching and Mentoring

We provide an Inside look at the strategic waste reduction process – a one-on-one discovery for CEOs...


We design, install and service digital tracking and check-point IoT devices for equipment, tools, room usage and inventory management.

Pivot Pro has over 30 years of experience

in Property Management, Project Management, Facility Management, Asset Management and with Building Services and Cleaning Services.

We have provided hands-on property and facility management services at the University of Alberta, Winnipeg’s Canada Post Mail Processing Plant and Regional HQ, Ottawa’s Foreign Affairs & International Trade HQ Building, Edmonton’s RCMP K Division HQ Building and Edmonton’s Canada Place.

Our expertise has been endorsed by...

BOMA International and BOMA Canada several times as recipients of 23 awards.


years in property and facilities management for Public Works Canada, includes managing the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Headquarters Building, RCMP K Division Regional Headquarters, Canada Place and Winnipeg’s Canada Post Processing Centre.


years in cleaning and facility services management at the University of Alberta. This portfolio had an annual operating budget of $12 million and a staff of 160 employees. The budget included Best Value RFPs and service contracts for cleaning services, waste management, pest management, and parking lot maintenance.


years of reviewing / providing production metrics and analytics for a manufacturer.

What is LEAN Management?

It’s a time-tested philosophical approach within an organization to maximize value while reducing waste. It also enables an organization to do more with existing resources.

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March 20, 2020

5 Basic Questions

Five basic questions each manager needs to ask of themselves and their clients.   What is Your Mission? This is at most a 2 line statement.   Who are Your Customers? Clients should continually track sales to redefine customers.   What do Your Customers Value? That’s one question that...

March 20, 2020


  Mistakes require additional time, resources, and money to fix. While we usually think of defects in terms of manufacturing processes, they’re also a problem in the service industry where they involve having to redo or correct work. Causes of defects in the service industry include: Poor quality controls...

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